Rental Management

Foothills Property Management can meet your rental needs. Having been in business since 1972, they have assembled one of the largest inventory of available rental in the Clemson area. Foothills Property Management continually strives to improve and refine their rental program to offer the best possible service to both renters and property owners. Below are some of the things that sets Foothills Property Management apart from the others:


Foothills Property Management has the best selection of apartments and homes in all price ranges and locations. For additional information please call, email , or write.   


Foothills Property Management understands that proper maintenance and upkeep of the residences is foremost to their owners and renters, so we use a work order system to track a problem from the time it is reported. The problem is followed until it has been repaired and the bill has been paid. In addition to being licensed Real Estate Brokers/Property Managers, Foothills is a licensed general contractor. They have an experienced staff with extensive knowledge in building construction and maintenance. To ensure that your property is properly cared for Foothills Property Management employs a full time service and maintenance department that can deliver timely service at significantly lower rates than independent service contractors.


Foothills Property Management’s computer system has recently been upgraded to the most modern and up to date available. The property management software interfaces with one of the top accounting software packages provides both management information and important transaction history. The networked office allows all associates to readily access information on the status of all properties. Property Boss allows us to keep track of when properties are coming available, as well as, posting all rent and security deposit information. Reports to owners are generated monthly, with a summary for accounting at year-end.   


Homeowner Accounting

Foothills Property Management collects rents and security deposits and pays maintenance and other approved bills on behalf of the owner. Their computer reporting system provides timely monthly information and end of the year summary reports that offers owners well organized accounting information.



Foothills Property Management’s office is equipped with a multiline telephone system. They employ a 24-hour answering service. Management and service personnel can be reached on weekends and evenings to attend to needs that arise after regular business hours.